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Google Gets a Cake Doodle for Its 12th Birthday

Google Birthday Doodle
The last batch of Google doodles to draw attention were fancy, interactive experiments that involved bucky balls, flying orbs of color and Pac-Man. Today's image, though, is a more traditional affair -- no HTML5 or Flash, no animation or interactivity. Instead, in celebration of Google's 12th birthday, visitors to the search page are greeted with a simple painting of a birthday cake by pop-art luminarie Wayne Thiebaud. One of Thiebaud's signature themes during the 1950s and '60s was the painting of cakes, so it should come as no surprise that the artist went back to the well when commissioned by Google.

The Google cake, which features a birthday candle as the "l" in the logo, isn't quite as flashy as the past few doodles, but it's far less distracting. Fortunately for employers, no one will waste time playing with a static painting of a cake.

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