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'Color Identifier' iPhone App Helps Blind to 'See' Colors

'Color Identifier' app helps blind
In a post on his blog, Austin Seraphin describes how recently purchasing an iPhone and the 'Color Identifier' app allowed him to "see" a whole new world of colors. Seraphin, who is legally blind, sees objects in blurs, and doesn't recognize colors -- just sources of light. He was skeptical of the praise for the iPhone until another visually impaired friend bought one and confirmed what Seraphin had heard. He was wowed by the phone's VoiceOver technology, but it was the 'Color Identifier' app that really floored him.

After trying out the app, which uses the phone's camera to recognize colors and then states them aloud, Seraphin wrote, "My mind felt blown. I watched the sunset, listening to the colors change as the sky darkened. The next night, I had a conversation with mom about how the sky looked bluer tonight." While his life has somewhat changed, Seraphin remains skeptical of technology as a fix-all. "[Every] golden Apple has a golden worm at its center," he wrote.

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