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'Where's Waldo' Bank Robber Admits Guilt on Facebook

ryan homsley's facebook page
Police in Oregon think they've found a bank robbery suspect known as the 'Where's Waldo Bandit,' although the man they've targeted certainly wasn't as subtle as his namesake.

Law enforcement officials are now on the lookout for 29-year-old Ryan Homsley, who is suspected of robbing and threatening to blow up a local bank on Tuesday afternoon. As the AP reports, police identified Homsley as a suspect after he posted a bank surveillance photo of himself on his largely public Facebook page. As if the photo weren't clear enough, Homsley also posted a status update that read, "im now a bank robber," just preceded by another post: "im doing this to pay for my medical expenses. ... live for today!" The suspect's brother, Portland radio DJ Noah Homsley, says his brother is a diabetic, which would explain his medical expenses, and that he has a serious drug problem, which would explain just about everything else.

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