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Photonic Fence Blasts Mosquitos with Lasers

Malaria defense system
It may have seemed like a novel idea just a year ago, but an effective and marketable mosquito-zapping laser fence could be on the horizon. Intellectual Ventures (IV) continues to develop and demonstrate its anti-malaria technology, which relies heavily on Nvidia's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). IV now hopes to raise awareness about the potential benefits and widespread applications of the GPU (and not just for video games) through a conference in San Jose specifically dedicated to the software.

While a laser-guided mosquito defense system obviously sounds awesome, the GPU contributes a particularly incredible function to IV's Photonic Fence. The mosquito defense system not only distinguishes between different types of insects so that it can determine which pests to blast, but it also identifies the mosquitoes that carry malaria. Once the GPU recognizes a carrier, the pest defense, uh, fence cripples the vermin by blasting off its wings.

Malaria poses the most significant risk to human life in developing nations, particularly in Africa, where the disease afflicts hundreds of millions of people every year. But, the U.S. isn't exactly immune to mosquito-borne diseases. Various areas just endured a particularly miserable mosquito season, complete with Dengue fever, so hopefully some tech heavy-hitters (Gates, paging Mr. Gates) are in attendance this week in San Jose.

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