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Brooklyn Teen Takes National Texting Title and $50,000

Texting Champion Thirteen-year-old Brianna Hendrickson just earned the admiration of parents across the nation (while inspiring countless, "Why can't you be more like . . . " statements), and her exploits had absolutely nothing to do with academic, athletic or artistic achievements. Hendrickson, a Brooklyn native, earned $50,000 by vanquishing all competitors at this year's LG National Texting Championship.

The teen toppled eight opponents in the tournament's final round by thumbing an "Old McDonald" verse in 60 seconds. After her victory, a tearful and elated Hendrickson reportedly exclaimed, "I never thought I would win! It's a completely amazing feeling." Her sights have now turned to a charity texting tournament, also sponsored by LG, where she could actually claim another $50,000.

Her initial victory impresses, but -- with a meager 6,000 texts-per-month overall average -- Hendrickson still has some work to do before she joins the Switched Texting Hall of Shame Hall of Fame.

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