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Harkins Theatres Launches 'No Texting During Movie' Campaign

no texting campaignAt the risk of sounding cranky and old, we'll go ahead and say it: there's no reason to text during a movie. If you must, just step out to the lobby instead of ruining our $12 experience. According to The Arizona Republic, Harkins Theatres has launched a campaign encouraging moviegoers to refrain from texting during movies. Through Christmas, posters reading, 'No Texting During Movie' will be hung in the lobbies of Harkins Theatres nationwide. "You wouldn't text in church or an important meeting, and we're trying to create some social rules here, too," spokesman Bryan Laurel told the Arizona Republic.

While texting during the latest Coen brother's movie isn't exactly the same as doing it while at Mass, it's still rather distracting to see the rectangular glow of a BlackBerry or iPhone in your field of vision. Of course, a few posters won't put a stop to this tasteless trend. Theater chains would practically have to confiscate cell phones at the door to do that.

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