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INTERPOL Secretary General's Identity Swiped via Facebook

ronald k. nobleAs the head of the world's most important cross-border police force, INTERPOL security general Ronald K. Noble clearly knows a thing or two about security -- except, apparently, when it comes to Facebook.

At the inaugural INTERPOL Information Security Conference held in Hong Kong last week, Noble revealed that his personal identity was stolen through Facebook. According to the Daily Mail, cybercriminals created two separate Facebook profiles in Noble's name, and used them to access information on high-profile fugitives. The fraud reportedly took place last summer, during the organization's 'Operation Infra-Red' initiative, which targeted fugitives wanted for crimes like murder, pedophilia, drug trafficking and money-laundering. It wasn't until recently, though, that INTERPOL's Security Incident Response Team discovered the Facebook fraud.

Noble, ironically enough, made the announcement while speaking to an audience of preeminent national security chiefs, and used his own story as an opportunity to remind the world of the threat that cybercrime poses to international security. "Cybercrime is emerging as a very concrete threat. Considering the anonymity of cyberspace, it may in fact be one of the most dangerous criminal threats we will ever face," Noble said. He went on to say that although most international criminals may still pine for the attention-grabbing headlines that traditional crime can evoke, widespread cyberwarfare may very well be their weapon of choice for future attacks. "Terrorists may prefer the mass media coverage of destroyed commuter trains, buildings brought down, to the anonymous collapse of the banking system. But until when?" Noble speculated.

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