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Airbus Envisions Invisible, Ceramic-Skinned Planes in 2050

Airbus recently published the forward-looking "The Future, By Airbus" (PDF) report, chock full of concepts and cutting-edge ideas about the future of flight. Airbus engineers explore hydrogen as a fuel source in the 'cryoplane' concept, and mention both biofuels and solar power as alternatives. An invisible plane concept -- hardly a new idea, as Wonder Woman has been flying one for over 60 years -- promises to turn a plane's ceramic-skinned fuselage invisible by hitting it with an electric current. Airbus head of research and technology Axel Krein told Der Spiegel, "Passengers in an airplane like this would experience flight in a completely new way." While such 360-degree views won't be terrorizing acrophobics anytime soon, an extra bag of pretzels, free luggage check-in and an extra inch of leg space are radical innovations we'd love to see now.


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