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News Corp. Hopes 'Idol' Tie-in Will Resurrect the Glittery Ghost of MySpace

Idol Auditions on MySpace
MySpace is a digital Detroit. What once was a gleaming social networking metropolis, demonstrating how the Web could connect us all, is now an Internet ghetto and the butt of countless jokes. But its owner, News Corp., is hoping to leverage its seemingly bottomless coffers and other successful properties to resurrect the once-king of the social networks. Last year, the company hosted auditions for 'Glee' on the site, and now it's pulling the same trick with 'American Idol.'

The glorified talent show that simply refuses to die is entering its tenth season and asking for potential contestants to submit videos to MySpace in hopes of landing a spot on the show. 'Idol' hopefuls can post their auditions until October 6th, as long as they're between the ages of 15 and 28. The judges will then review tens of thousands of entries, and pick the best submissions for callbacks and an appearance on the program. We just hope News Corp. isn't expecting a miracle; you probably couldn't pay us enough to revive our MySpace accounts.

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