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Japanese 'HRP-4' Bendy Bot Has Better Balance Than Most Bipeds

Athletic HRP-4 robot helps around the office.
Earlier this week, Kawada Industries and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) revealed the HRP-4 robot, a 5-foot-tall worker bot designed to help out around the workplace. In the video after the break, the blue-and-white bot squats, twists at its waist, strikes a pose on one leg, gives a thumbs-up and just looks generally cool. At 86 pounds, the HRP-4, which will be made available in January 2011 to universities and research institutions for about $305,000, can track objects by turning its head, and recognize its coworkers' faces. But what menial tasks could this robo-helper perform? Well, the athletic bot does have remarkable balance and flexibility, so it can make coffee or, as seen above, pour drinks at office parties. But don't fret, interns: Until the price drops, we'll take your unpaid labor over this guy any day.

Athletic Worker Bot

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