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Glass Speakers Beautiful and Charming, Likely Out of Your League

Glass Speakers
If websites could be personified, Greensound Technology would likely resemble an immaculately dressed member of the gentility, haughtily hoisting its nose in the air and extending an erect pinkie finger from a dainty cup of tea. The company's transparent glass speakers certainly possess aesthetic, and perhaps commercial merits, but the company's use of "sophisticated" and "elegant" in its descriptions (and the absence of list prices) immediately suggests that these 360-degree, illuminated offerings are likely out of most consumers' price ranges. ("SubWOODer," though? C'mon, Greenwood. You know those elites tend to be grammar nerds.)

The names of the products (e.g., "Floe: isolated piece of sea ice," etc.) don't help, either. But, if the proletariat and the progressives can move past the aristocratic imagery and terminology, the speakers definitely allure the design-conscious. The stand-alone, 25-watt Floe (18"x18"x49") pumps out 90.6 dB, operates in a 100-foot wireless range, and is supposedly able to maintain "a sophisticated level of performance forever" -- a permanence that would undoubtedly justify an above-average price.

These snooty beauties probably aren't as affordable as other, artsier products on the market, but -- hopefully -- they couldn't be as exorbitantly priced as the "visually arresting" $140,000 Muons.

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