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The Best iPhone Diet Apps

Best iPhone Diet Apps
Since the dawn of man, not a single person has ever enjoyed dieting. Controlling any urge, after all, is never fun, and it certainly isn't easy. Nowadays, it seems like every other week presents a completely different diet trend or a new healthy cookbook atop the best-sellers counter at the bookstore. Getting started with a new diet, however, doesn't have to involve books, consultations, or hypnosis; all it takes is an iPhone and a nose for good health apps. Granted, no single app is a panacea for fatness, but, with a couple of these digital bullets in your chamber, you'll at least have plenty of support as you begin your new regimen. Here are 11 diet apps worth checking out.


Lose It App
Some may classify it under the 'Fitness' category, but, when you get down to it, 'LoseIt' is all about calorie counting, plain and simple. Browse through the app's extensive database to figure out exactly how many calories you scarf down at every meal, how many you burn at the gym, and then track your progress throughout your program. As with most calorie trackers, though, you'll only get something out of 'LoseIt' if you're honest with yourself.

Verdict: A great first stop for anyone considering taking a dive into a diet.
Cost: Free

'Fast Food Calorie Counter'

Fast Food Calorie Counter
Whether it's on the road, at a football game or in London, most of us, at one point or another, will be forced to eat abhorrently disgusting food. With a database of over 9,000 menu items from 73 major fast food chains, this nifty little app will provide you with all the "nutrition" information you need to make the best of a bad situation. Flip this app open and watch with horror as your friends stuff their faces with the nutritional equivalent of castor oil.

Verdict: Turns trans-fatty lemons into diet lemonade.
Cost: $0.99

'Eight Glasses a Day'

Eight Glasses A Day App
Drinking a lot of water may seem like a simplistic approach to nutrition, but it's also the most fundamental. One of the rare apps that's tailor-made for athletes and alcoholics alike, this sleek app concerns itself exclusively with your hydration. All you have to do is touch a virtual chalice of water whenever you drink eight ounces of the stuff, and break through your eight-glass ceiling.

Verdict: You might feel like a buoy, but at least you won't look like one.
Cost: $0.99

'LIVESTRONG Calorie Tracker'

Livestrong Calorie Tracker
This app's deceptively blunt name is something of a misnomer. Yes, the Calorie Tracker will count every calorie you consume, but it'll also give you a comprehensive breakdown of your fat, protein, cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrate intake. Arguably its most impressive feature, however, is its palatial database, which offers nutritional information for a staggering 625,000 food and restaurant items. Besides, no less an authority than Lance Armstrong endorses this lil' guy. He's as healthy as they get.

Verdict: An easy way to get a body like Lance Armstrong's without doing steroids.
Cost: Free


40-30-30 App
No carbs, good carbs, bad carbs -- playing the trendy diet game can often be more confusing than a game of drunken Mah-Jong. Unlike other regimens, though, '40•30•30' doesn't require you to cut out one food group altogether. Instead, it asks you to eat an optimally nutritious ratio of 40-percent carbohydrates, 30-percent proteins and 30-percent fats. Just enter your daily haul into the app, find your ratio, and calibrate your diet accordingly. Even if your doctor doesn't buy into the '40•30•30' ratio, you can still use the app to help achieve your own macronutrient balance.

Verdict:The perfect spotter for anyone walking the dietary balance beam.
Cost: Free


VeganXpress App
Being vegan, much like being green, isn't easy. So few restaurants offer fare compatible with the vegan diet, and, even if you do manage to find something that seems to be vegan, you can never be sure of what is really in it -- unless, that is, you have this app, which will provide you with a full list of vegan options at over 110 restaurants. Read with delight as you flip through the Xpress's full list of vegan junk food and (gasp!) beer!

Verdict: Could really help smooth the transition to full-time rabbit.
Cost: $1.99

'Abs Diet Smoothie Selector'

Designed by the jocks over at Men's and Women's Health, this slightly mouth-watering app provides a wide array of smoothie recipes, all designed exclusively to tone and sculpt your abs. Whether you're looking to drop weight, build muscle, or recover from a long night of imbibing, the smoothie sultans behind this app probably have a recipe for you. And, if you happen to have a favorite potion of your own, you can submit it to Men's Health in the hopes that your prized recipe can stand alongside titans like 'The Sandman.'

Verdict: Could really help smooth the way to up our blender ante.
Cost: $0.99

'Food Scanner'

Food Scanner App
Perhaps the most high-tech app in the roundup, this tool from Daily Burn takes a lot of the guesswork out of healthy grocery shopping. All you have to do is take a picture of the UBC code on any packaged food, and the app will spit out all the nutritional information you could ever desire. In the event that you want to scan a fruit, vegetable or any other UPC-less item, you can search for it by name or even add the product to the app's database of over 200,000 foods.

Verdict: The most informative cashier you'll ever find.
Cost: $2.99

'Thin Cam'

Thin Cam App
Manually entering your daily food intake sounds like a great way to monitor your weight, but let's get real: there's no way you could actually be honest enough to maintain a food diary, right? With the 'Thin Cam' by your side, though, keeping an accurate record of your food trail is as easy as snapping a quick photo. The next time you chow down, whip out your iPhone, take a quick picture of your feast, and upload it to your profile at Once you've got a large portfolio, you can begin consulting with any of the site's nutrition experts, who will help to personalize the architecture of your diet.

Verdict: Photographic truth serum for mendacious dieters.
Cost: $0.99

'Mint Nutrition'

Mint Nutrition App
Eating out when you're trying to diet can be an arduous task. With Mint Nutrition, you'll be able to go out to dinner and know exactly how many calories you're inhaling. Here, you'll find full nutritional labels for items listed on popular restaurants' menus, allowing you to make the smart decision the next time you treat yourself to a night out. The app also enables users to create "virtual plates," which they can use to assess the calorie content of any combination of foods.

Verdict: A dieting socialite's best friend.
Cost: $1.99


mySupplements App
If you've recently gotten serious about working out, you should probably get equally serious about fueling your body. With 'mySupplements,' you'll find an exhaustive database of supplements and macronutrients, along with information about the physiological purposes each variety serves. The tool will also calculate your metabolic rate, and can provide personalized dosage recommendations.

Verdict: It can verge on the arcane, but particularly obsessive weight watchers should eat it up.
Cost: $1.99

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