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Stingray 'Water Blade' Could Help Destroy IEDs in Afghanistan

the stingray by sandiaLater this year, U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan will have a new method for detonating improvised explosive devices (IEDs). According to The Daily Mail, troops will expand their arsenals with a device called The Stingray, which uses H20 and a small amount of munition to create a 'blade' of water capable of penetrating steel. The Stingray, small enough to be carried by robots, can be placed far away from an IED or near it. Developed by Sandia National Laboratories, the device releases energy in a specified direction, which makes it safer and more effective than traditional explosives in destroying one specific object or bomb. The initial water blade fired from The Stingray is followed by a water 'slug,' which (as evident in the video after the break) obliterates its target after the blade handles the 'precision' destruction.

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