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Google Health Relaunches With Customizable, User-Friendly Design

google health
A couple of years ago, Google launched Google Health, an online forum where users can store their personal health and wellness information, and share it with others. Now, the company has just launched a new and improved version of its online health center, with an eye toward personalizing and streamlining user experience.

As Google explains on its blog, the new Google Health features a more user-friendly dashboard, where visitors can easily organize and review their health information, or set specific wellness goals for themselves. If you're trying to shed some pounds, for example, you can enter your weight into the site each day, and track your progress on visual graphs. If, on the other hand, you're simply trying to cut down on your coffee intake, you can keep count of your empty mugs with the site's custom tracker feature. Google's also integrated the site with various other programs and apps -- including Fitbit, a device that keeps track of calories burned, steps walked and sleep quality, and CardioTrainer, a mobile app that records exercise and weight loss.

If you're more into the qualitative aspect of your health regimen, you can also use the new Google Health to keep a running journal, or to take notes about your current condition while a list of content links provides personalized information about any medication you're taking. And, once you've reached your goal, you can clear away any old lab results or data entries, making more room on your profile for your most important medical information.

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