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Senator Chuck Grassley's Campaign Ad Lauds Mad Tweeting Skills

Senator Chuck Grassley TweetsWhereas most political campaign ads tend to focus on a candidate's baby-holding or construction-hat-wearing capabilities, the latest spot for Senator Chuck Grassley's reelection campaign (after the break) emphasizes one of the Iowa Republican's more unique (and somewhat notorious) skills: his tweeting.

The 76-year-old politician has garnered attention in recent months for his prolific use of the micro-blogging platform, and for his defiant disregard for the English language. Apparently, though, @ChuckGrassley and his team feel that his often hilarious tweets give him a distinct advantage over Democratic challenger Roxanne Conlin and Libertarian candidate John Heiderscheit. In the ad, Grassley promises that "having a Twitter" won't threaten his life, but will only allow him to engage with his constituents more directly. "I'll tweet, I'll text, I'll do whatever it takes," Grassley reassures in his latest ad. Of course, posting angry tweets or Facebook statuses isn't quite the same thing as actually doing something to bring about change. But you can't blame the guy for being proud of his social networking acumen at a time when many other elderly political figures don't even know what a text message is.

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