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'Graph Your Inbox' Visualizes Your Gmail in Chart Form

Graph Your Inbox
'Graph Your Inbox' is an awesome, while possibly useless, Chrome extension that panders directly to our geekiest inclinations. It sits in the Chrome toolbar, and, when you click it, you're prompted to enter search terms. ("Creepy", "hate work" and "jellybeans" are fun to try.) It simply parses results from a Gmail search, so all of the same operators (e.g. label and 'from') will work. But rather than simply return a list of results, your search is visualized as a series of graphs. You'll be able to quickly see how many times a result pops up each month, year, or day of the current month. Clicking on a specific point in the graph gives you a preview of the results in the bottom left-hand corner, effectively adding a filter by date (or date range) to your search.

While 'Graph Your Inbox' could be used to identify your e-mailing habits (e.g., whether or not messages from Facebook are clogging your inbox), we have a feeling most will find it to be an interesting but not particularly helpful tool. Which is a shame, because we really love pretty graphs.

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