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TRASIR Reveals How Much of Our Personal Data Websites Can Gather

If you've ever wondered exactly how much information a single website can gather from your computer, a site called TRASIR can tell you everything you need to know in black-and-white starkness. Once you open the page, the site will automatically display your IP address (which reveals your geographic location), the name of your browser, your computer's language and even your screen resolution. There's not much to it beyond that, but the site's simple, monochromatic design and its ticking clock somehow make these numbers and statistics seem ominous -- as if a remote, faceless hacker could be looking at these exact same numbers at the same time.

As Download Squad points out, savvy users could definitely have some fun trying to mask their IP address or browser, and elude TRASIR's sensors. And the site could certainly help convince naive surfers to be a little more careful the next time they lurk into suspicious online waters. For most people, though, TRASIR will probably arouse uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability -- which is probably what it's designed to do.

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