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Swiss Researchers Develop Mind-Reading, A.I.-Enhanced Wheelchair

A.I. Wheelchair
Last year, Toyota proudly announced the development of a new mind-controlled wheelchair, which was reportedly capable of interpreting a user's brain waves within a few milliseconds. Now, a group of Swiss scientists have taken the prototype one step further, by adding an extra A.I. touch to a new brain-controlled wheelchair.

As Engadget reports, researchers at Switzerland's École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne have created a high-tech wheelchair that deciphers a user's EEG brain activity, but also refines his or her command with artificial intelligence technology. With the help of attached cameras and image-processing software, the system can automatically detect any obstacles in the chair's way, and even distinguish between different types of objects. (See a video demonstration after the break.) In case your real intelligence fails you, then, the chair's artificial intelligence will be there to back you up.

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