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Daily Facepalm: Careless Montana Teen Texts Sheriff for Pot

cell phone with pot text messageWe're not sure exactly how high you have to be to text the local sheriff to score some weed, but we figure it's somewhere in the range of "really" to "inspiringly." Where this Helena, Montana teenager lands on the scale doesn't really matter. What does matter is that the boy and his friend managed to confuse their dealer's phone number with that of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff. Sheriff Leo Dutton initially thought the text message he received ("Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?") was a prank. But, after asking the teens to clarify how much is in a $20 bag of pot (which should have set off some alarms), the sheriff got these anonymous texters to agree to meet him in person and make the transaction. When the teen and his friend arrived at the meeting place -- with a parent in tow no less (for some reason that we can't quite figure out) -- he was greeted by a detective from the Missouri River Drug Task Force. No citations were issued because, in the words of Dutton, the father "was a big, military-looking guy and he wasn't happy."

One of the basic lessons when engaging in illegal activity is to take extra care when communicating nefarious plans across high tech devices. Apparently these teens haven't learned from the mistakes of others, but then, they rarely do.

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