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Inventive Inmates Smuggle Cell Phones With Bows and Arrows

archer with iphoneThere are plenty of ways to get a cell phone into prison, and not all of them involve shoving them in uncomfortable places. Inventive Brazilian inmates have already trained pigeons to sneak the mobile devices through the bars, but the latest innovation in cell phone smuggling is by far the most badass... and dangerous. According to the AP, criminal associates on the outside have started strapping phones to arrows and firing them over prison walls with bows. A 17-year-old was caught when one of the arrows he launched into a Brazilian penitentiary struck an officer in the back. Luckily, the officer wasn't seriously injured, because the cell phone was inexplicably attached to the tip of arrow, blunting the impact. The youth was apparently able to get at least four phones into the prison before he was caught. We bet American prisoners with sore rectums are wondering why they didn't think of this one.

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