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Facebook 'Subscribe to' Feature Lets You Follow Your Friend's Every Move

Facebook's testing 'Subscribe To' Facebook is testing a new feature that lets you subscribe to a specific user's content. In practice, this means receiving a notification every time that user updates their status, posts a new photo, link, video or note, and Mashable aptly dubs it the 'Stalker Button.' Taken at face value, this would appear to be a direct answer to the ability to "follow" a user on Twitter, and may prove more useful for pages of celebrities and businesses than everyday users. We're sure that, outside of the ex you're stalking, you probably don't need to be notified of your friends' every move.

Facebook confirmed to All Facebook that it was indeed testing the new 'Subscribe' feature with a very small pool of users, so expect to see it start popping up for you soon. We just want to give Zuck and crew a little advice: not all of us want to set off alarms every time we comment on someone's page. Give us the option to block users from following us (even if they're our friends) or turn the feature off entirely. Thanks.

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