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'Back to the Future' Game Teased, Christopher Lloyd Signed on as 'Doc'

Back to the Future
Telltale Games announced its development of a 'Back to the Future' game way back in June, and specific details are finally beginning to emerge. USA Today (USA Today? Really?) scored the scoop on the time-traveling Hill Valley hijinxes, and Marty and Doc Brown are expected to star in their customary, primary roles.

While Marty's voice-over actor has yet to be named, Christopher Lloyd is reportedly set to return as Doc. Bob Gale, the screenwriter for the original film trilogy, has been tapped to help guide the plot, which will apparently incorporate five chapters, the setting of 1985 Hill Valley, the requisite DeLorean and numerous original characters (which had better include Biff).

Seeing as marketing firm Vivendi has already gone back in time to resuscitate the impressive and incredibly fun 'Ghostbusters,' Marty and Doc will have some huge '80s shoes to fill if Telltale hopes to duplicate that success. However, it shouldn't be too hard, since McFly and Co. will have their self-tying high-tops and hoverboards to give them a boost.

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