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Double Rainbow Guy Shills for Microsoft

Double Rainbow Guy
After Paul "Bear" Vasquez went viral with his rather enthusiastic response to seeing a "double rainbow all the way across the sky," we thought he would quietly fade back into obscurity. Even after The Gregory Brothers autotuned Bear's wonderment within an inch of its life to create one minute and 30 seconds of accidental pop brilliance, there was no reason to expect that, two months later, we'd still be talking about him. But the team at Windows Live Photo Gallery thought the former cage fighter was a perfect match for a video to promote its panorama stitch feature. Check out the video after the jump in which Bear, with significantly less enthusiasm, marvels at yet another double rainbow, then snaps three pictures of the refracted light and combines them to create a single panoramic image that captures the entire rainbow. While we might not be free of the nature lover's ramblings just yet, this video does make one thing clear: Bear won't be making the leap to acting anytime soon.

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