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'Love Plus +' Resort Lures Gamers With Augmented Reality Girls

Love Plus + iPhone app
Japanese gamers, specifically male ones, are downright obsessed with 'Love Plus.' In case you've never heard of it, 'Love Plus' is a dating simulator in which players get a virtual pet girl to chat up and (hopefully) kiss. The DS title is getting the sequel treatment, 'Love Plus +,' and, to promote the new installment, Konami created an augmented reality iPhone app. The app allows users to interact and take photos with their digital love interests at 13 "romantic" spots around the resort town of Atami.

Scattered around the town, and even in the rooms of the Ohnoya hotel, are small black and white squares telling the app to render the virtual teenage girls. Since the promotion began in July, over 2,000 players have come to visit and take snapshots with their digital sweethearts. Over 200 even rented rooms at Ohnoya just to interact with one of the characters as she lounged on a love seat. Check out the trailer for the game after the break, and be prepared for major culture shock.

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