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Apple's 2010 iPod Lineup Shuns the Classic, Gives Nano Multitouch

It's September, which means it's new iPod time, and Apple didn't disappoint. The iPod shuffle, nano and touch all received serious redesigns today. Not shockingly, the iPod classic was left out of the mix, with some speculating that it could be the last hurrah for the device that truly kicked off the digital audio revolution. (Engadget confirms that, while it didn't get an update, the iPod classic isn't going anywhere just yet.)

The shuffle is heading back to its roots and bringing back buttons, likely a welcome change for most users who never got used to shouting at their player to skip a track. The new version regains the old control circle, bumps the battery life to 15 hours, and shaves $10 off the price. The new 2GB model will be available next week for $49 in a variety of colors.

iPods Fall 2010

The nano received the most drastic makeover. It's gone square, ditched the control wheel, and added a multitouch screen, making it look more like a shuffle with a screen. Prices are the same, $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB, as are many of the features you've come to know and love, including Nike+ integration, pedometer and FM radio. It's also added a shuffle-esque clip to the back, removing any need to wear an armband when exercising.

The iPod touch update was hardly surprising. Although it has retained the old-school iPhone and iPod touch rounded look, the insides have been updated to reflect the current state of Apple technology. True to its heritage, it's an iPhone without the phone, packing a new A4 processor, a gyroscope, an HD video-capable camera, a front-facing cam for Facetime, and, most importantly, a "retina" display. The new iPod touch will start shipping next week in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB varieties with costs at $229, $299 and $399 respectively.

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