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Shop Urban Outfitters by 'Most Liked,' MySpace Syncs With Facebook

most liked on urban outfitters
Highlights from this morning's big tech headlines....
  • Urban Outfitters has plugged into the Zuckerberg machine to let you organize your shopping by 'Most Liked.' [From: AllFacebook]
  • Continuing its recent history of underwhelming announcements, MySpace is now letting you sync your status updates with Facebook. Embrace your roots, MySpace, and call us when you've got customizable animated GIF status announcements. [From: Business Insider]
  • Microsoft Hotmail's new ActiveSync support lets you sync your e-mail, contacts and calendar to your phone. [From: The Next Web]
  • A proposal for 2012 being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation would apply letter grades to cars based on their fuel economy. [From: Wired]
  • In advance of Apple's rumored iTV upgrade, Roku dropped the price on its line of set-top streaming video boxes. All of the Netflix and Amazon on Demand-capable boxes now come in under $100, and the entry-level Roku SD retails for $59.99. [From: Ars Technica]
  • CNET reports that Apple's iTunes may be expanding song sample length to a minute from 30-seconds, thrilling poor Guided by Voices fans. [From: CNET]
  • Autodesk announced that it's returning to the Mac OS after nearly twenty years with its industry standard AutoCAD software. [From: New York Times]

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