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Intense Pinball World Championship Goes Down to the Final Ball

Pinball Unaware observers may expect a game with "significant saves," "skillful catches," "fadeaway passes," "failed traps," "flubbed shots" and "drains" to represent some thrilling new competition that combines various aspects of soccer, football, baseball and basketball. Those dramatic pieces of a recent play-by-play don't describe the craziest, most ridiculous sport since flickerball, though. This is pinball: a $10,000 World Championship game of pinball to be exact.

The four-man showdown occurred August 27th, and the high-intensity battle for the title wasn't determined until the final player drained his final ball. Tilt Warning captured the entire event from overhead cameras, and -- although the video runs for a seemingly interminable amount of time -- the footage features amazingly accurate pinpoint placement, machine-jarring saves and frustrating failures. Since the match goes down to the wire, we don't want to give anything away, but don't expect any bravado, arrogance or showmanship. While pinball definitely rules, the sport desperately needs a smack-talking, mullet-wearing, flag-waving anti-hero. So, come on Billy 'King of Kong' Mitchell. Let's see if you run the flippers as well you run that mouth.

Creature in the PAPA 13 World Pinball Championships, Final Game from Kevin Martin on Vimeo.

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