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Eager Juror Removed from Jury Over Facebook Posting

Hadley Jons Facebook The idyllic burg of Blogtown would get mighty lonely and boring without the asinine behavior of oblivious social networkers. Snarky nerds now depend on those daily stories of arrests, divorces, firings and expulsions, so -- thankfully -- a kind Michigan resident has stepped up to the plate of social networking stupidity.

Hadley Jons, an enthusiastic juror serving in a resisting arrest trial, recently decided she didn't need to hear the prosecution finish its case. Instead, she reportedly logged on to Facebook and eagerly announced that it's "gonna be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty." Saleema Sheikh, the defense attorney in the case, decided to spoil Jons' fun, though, after Sheikh's son discovered the boneheaded post while performing a little bit of social stalking.

Presiding judge Diane Druzinski remarked, "you don't know how disturbing this is," and removed Jons from the case. Sheikh believes a harsher punishment might be in order, including at least "a few hours" of jail time. "This is the jury system," Sheikh lectured. "People need to know how important it is." Well, in terms of Facebook, that's one down and 500 million-or-so to go. Here's to hoping the rest, judges included, don't catch on too quickly.

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