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Dangerous 'LOL is this you?' Spam Hits Facebook Chat

intrepreted lol spam on facebook Over the weekend, Facebook investigated spam that was plaguing users via Facebook chat. According to CNET News, a victim received a friend's Facebook chat message, which read, "LOL is this you?" and contained a link. Upon clicking the link, the user was sent to a 404-error page, which compromised his or her account, and then used it to spam other Facebook friends. This outbreak is similar to the direct-message "Lol. this you?" direct message Twitter spam that appeared back in February. A Facebook spokesman told CNET on Friday that it was looking into the incident. But, since then, not much new info has surfaced -- from Facebook or its users. If you've been spammed, report the incident to Facebook, and immediately change your login information. Everybody else should keep a cautious eye open, and never click an unfamiliar link, especially if it's accompanied by 'LOL.'

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