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AOL Tech App 'Pushes' Best Airfare Deals to Your iPhone

New iPhone app sends push notifications when airfares drop.
With flying becoming a luxury, folks want to snag the cheapest fares they can grab. But, as is the American way, they don't always want to do the work required to get the deal. According to USA Today, the new FareCompare 'When-to-Fly' free app sends a push notification whenever the price of a preselected flight route drops below the current lowest fare. For U.S. flights, the price needs to drop $15 lower than the lowest ticket, and, for international flights, it need to drop 5-percent lower than the deepest deal. All you do is choose a departure city, the month you want to fly and your destination. Then, the app monitors airline prices (minus Southwest), and pushes the deals straight to your phone. It saves you the hassle of browsing discount travel sites or checking for e-mails. When you find a deal, the app sends you straight to Orbitz to book the flight.

For the frequent flyer, a barrage of deal alerts could become a nuisance. But for the casual traveler, this app could unearth a deal or two that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Of course, that's assuming any ticket price offered these days could be considered a "deal."

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