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We Translate James Cameron's Popular Mechanics Interview on 3-D Backlash

james cameron in front of 'avatar' poster
The neo-Mephistopheles of cinema, James Cameron, just gave an interview to Popular Mechanics about the current consumer backlash to 3-D. Pop Mech was able to ask four simple questions (if you count "That's an interesting point" as a question), to which the director responded with his typically overblown bravado.

Follow along as we translate Cameron's responses for those who can't speak hyperbolic Cameron-ese.

Cameron: "I do agree that there's a consumer backlash and I actually think it's a good thing, because what they're lashing back against is some pretty crappy stuff." [Translation: 'Avatar' is the best and imitators can suck it. Except for Justin Bieber.]

Cameron: "But the thing that everybody has got to remember here is that all of the films that have come out after 'Avatar' were made before 'Avatar' came out. Or at least were mostly through their production cycle before 'Avatar' came out. So any lessons learned about how to do it, in terms of how to use the cameras, how to use the stereo spaces and so on, that might be learned by other live action film makers from 'Avatar‚' we haven't seen those films yet. It takes a year to make a decent film." [Translation: But, since 'Avatar' took four and a half years to make, it is, by the transitive property, the best film ever.]
james cameorn on set of 'avatar'
Cameron: "They think that these movies just get whistled up out of nowhere. Avatar took four and half years to make and they've been working on 'Tron: Legacy' for a couple of years. They used our cameras for that so I'm hopeful. It looks great so far from what I've seen." [Translation: Even though James Cameron didn't make 'Tron,' the film will be good because 'Tron' uses things James Cameron invented.]

Cameron: "The funny thing about 'Avatar' is that [people were saying] you had to see it in 3-D... and so everybody kind of concluded from that that the movie was going to be a complete bust in the home video market, and it wasn't. It was one of the highest home video sellers of all time because, frankly, the story, the characters, and the emotions all worked even on the small screen." [Translation: James Cameron doesn't read the DVD reviews.]
james cameron jokingly strangles kathryn bigelow
Cameron: "[We're] doing 'Titanic' as a 3-D conversion, but instead of spending six weeks on it, we're spending a year on it and the right amount of money and the right amount of creative input to make sure that it's done properly." [Translation: We're spending somewhere around the GDP of Mali to do it.]

Cameron: "So it should look gorgeous." [Translation: I'm gonna make sooooo much money!]

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