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Banker Undergoes 'BlackBerry Thumb' Surgery After Texting 12 Hours Per Day

BlackBerry Thumb We've heard of 'BlackBerry thumb' -- the inflammation and pain reported by heavy, heavy users of the smartphone -- and we've heard about its alleged treatments ($80 massage). But one Philadelphia mortgage banker, after spending 12 hours a day texting clients, has just undergone surgery for extreme 'BlackBerry thumb' (although 'BlackBerry thumb' may be a misnomer in this case, since the banker is an iPhone devotee).

The tendons in the woman's thumb became so inflamed that they had to be removed, and she is now beginning a recovery process that could take up to two months. We'd be tempted to make a joke here, if the busy banker's work-facilitated texting addiction hadn't resulted in the surgical removal of part of her hand. (We're hoping she's on worker's comp.) But lady, did you even think of using a keyboard instead?

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