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Facebook to 'Give Us Our 'Book' Back!'

Facebook has filed suit against, claiming that the educators' social network has violated Facebook's trademark. At the heart of the suit are several claims, the most obvious being the latter website's use of "book" in its name. Also at issue, though, are Teachbook's attempts to trademark its own name, and its purported tendency to describe itself as "Facebook for teachers." (We cannot confirm the latter allegation, as a search of rendered no mentions of Facebook in that context.)

While bloggers (ourselves included) tend to jump on Facebook's litigious proclivities, we're inclined to let Zuckerberg & Co. slide on this one. Do any of us honestly believe that would've chosen its name had Facebook not had such runaway success? And can we honestly say that no teacher will, even if subconsciously, think that the two sites have nothing to do with one another? We've long stood to protect intellectual property, and -- if we're fair -- we'll continue to defend it, whether it rightfully belongs to an indie rock band or to a ridiculously wealthy online empire. Of course, as Gawker does well to mention, it's not a foregone conclusion that "Facebook" rightfully belonged to Mark Zuckerberg in the first place.

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