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'Social Network' Gets Its First Review: For Zuck, Like It or Not, the Film Is Here to Stay

view of 'the social network' poster
Although David Fincher's 'The Social Network' won't be out until its October premiere at the New York Film Festival, Film Linc (the fest's official pub) has released its first review of the biopic. Reviewer Scott Foundas describes it as a slick narrative with "rapid-fire yet plausible dialogue that sounds like what hyper computer geeks might actually say (or at least wish they did): Quentin Tarantino crossed with Bill Gates." Poor Mark Zuckerberg. The darn movie has all the makings of award season gold -- tightly wound seriousness, David Fincher and a timely topic -- and its momentum is only gaining. Kara at All Things Digital gives her pal some great advice: show up at the premiere in a tux, smile, and live as well as you can.

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