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Mark Zuckerberg Makes Himself 'Unblockable' on Facebook, We Are Entirely Unsurprised

mark zuckerbergShocker? A micro-campaign to block Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from viewing individual Facebook accounts has revealed that Zuckerberg is, in fact, unblockable. began as an entreaty to Facebook users fed up with the company's persistent privacy-violating security updates, with simple instructions on how to block the 26-year old from looking at the snapshots from your vacation to Reno. At some point since the site went up, Zuckerberg has made his profile unblockable -- and he's the only one wielding that almighty power.

So, you mean to tell us that the owner of a site has total control over his own network?! Color us scandalized! Well, not really. Certainly, the creator of BlockZuck seems to think that this constitutes yet another sinister Zuckerberg plot. ("I discovered that he couldn't be blocked anymore... [which] is much more interesting than my original lame idea," the anonymous developer told Valleywag.) For our part, however, we think that it's just a teensy bit reasonable for the owner to retain control over his creation. While we don't support many of the sleazy changes to Facebook's privacy controls, complaining about them in this way reminds us of refusing to say "venti" at Starbucks, just because you think you're better than that. Don't like it? Shop somewhere else. (We do.)

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