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11 iPhone Smoking Apps for Kicking the Habit

smoker and stop smoking app
So, you've decided to quit smoking. That's a great first step, but where do you go from here? Do you hurl your cache of Lucky Strikes into the incinerator? Call your local hypnotist? Or do you just blaze through an entire pack in one sitting, until even the faintest smell of tobacco sends you into a fit of dry heaves? We can't help you choose a path to carcinogenic emancipation, but we can tell you where you might find some extra support: your iPhone. Whether you're inching your way out of the grave, or rocketing out on the wings of a cold turkey, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you along the way. Here are a few worth checking out.

Still, as useful and diverse as these apps may be, they'll only be as effective as your willpower allows them to be. As with any self-help program, getting the most out of these tools demands that you be vigilant and honest with yourself. No single app is a silver bullet to a smoke-free life, but with this artillery under your iPhone's belt, you just might have an easier time kicking that nastiest of habits.


iQuit App
If the thought of going cold turkey makes you want to stick your head in an oven, take a less drastic approach to quitting with this timer app. When the clock strikes zero, you can go roast a cig. Over time, though, the interval between each cancer break will lengthen until you arrive at your pre-determined goal. You can even sync the app with your Facebook account, in case you find yourself in need of some extra encouragement from people who don't want you to die.

Verdict: Perfect for anyone with baby-sized feet.
'iQuit' (Free)

Stop Smoking Free

Stop Smoking Free App
If the 'Smoking Kills' stickers plastered across your carton of Marlboros still haven't deterred you from lighting up, this scary little app might do the trick. There aren't too many bells and whistles here; all you have to do is enter the day you started smoking, how many sticks you smoke on a daily basis, and the day you decided to quit. The app will then crunch some numbers, and tell you how many years of life you've lost to smoking. An exact science it's not. But it's definitely terrifying.

May very well scare you into abstinence.
'Stop Smoking Free' (Free)

NoSmoking Life

No Smoking Life App
Whereas 'Stop Smoking Free' uses scare tactics to keep users on the wagon, 'NoSmoking Life' takes a decidedly more rose-tinted approach to helping smokers become former smokers. As you grind your way through the process, this app will feed you reports on how many years you've added to your life expectancy since quitting. If that isn't enough of a carrot, you can add personalized incentives to help you reach your goal. After all, that new pair of shoes you've been eyeing will look a whole lot better on you if you're not dead.

Verdict: If this app were a glass, it'd be half full.
'NoSmoking Life' (Free)

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

Quit Smoking With Andrew Johnson App

You've prepared yourself for the withdrawal symptoms -- the irritability, the stress and the gnawing on fingernails. But you won't have to worry about any of those with Andrew Johnson guiding you through your detox. The renowned hypnotherapist's anti-smoking app is aimed at helping addicts penetrate the inner depths of their subconscious, through deep relaxation techniques and targeted mantras. Fall asleep with this app, and (hopefully) wake up a new person.

Verdict: You may not quit smoking, but you'll probably have mind-blowing dreams.
'Quit Smoking With Andrew Johnson' ($2.99)

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten

Quit Smoking With MAx Kirsten App
Like Andrew Johnson, hypnotherapist Max Kirsten takes a more subtle approach to helping smokers kick butt with his three-step remedy. Just open the app, and let Kirsten talk you through the quitting process with his arsenal of mantras. At $7.99, it's on the pricey end of the spectrum, but, then again, it's endorsed by none other than Ewan MacGregor. Have you seen 'Trainspotting'? Dude knows withdrawal symptoms.

Verdict: Far be it from us to argue with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

'Quit Smoking Now With Max Kirsten' ($7.99)


Smoke Track App

Out of all these apps, SmokeTrack is probably the most DIY of the lot. No timer, no scary statistics, no hypnotherapy. All this puppy does is keep count of how many cancer sticks you've burned through. If you never realize how much you're smoking until you find yourself scraping the bottom of your pack before noon, 'SmokeTrack' is an easy and straightforward way to keep you honest.

Verdict: Perfect for quitters who don't like being told what to do.

NHS Quit Smoking

NHS Quit Smoking
The U.K.'s National Health Service unveiled this jack-of-all-trades app in celebration of this year's National No Smoking Day. Here, you'll find a clock that tracks your abstinence, as well as a bevy of health statistics and testimonials from fellow quitters. NHS's app also provides users with a direct line to the Service's Smoking Helpline, for those late nights when only a human voice can offer real support.

Verdict: The Leonardo Da Vinci of iPhone smoking apps.

'NHS Quit Smoking' (Free)

Since iQuit

Since I quit App

Smoking doesn't only do damage to your body -- it can wreak havoc on your wallet, too. Not only will this app keep a running log of how many cigarettes you've consumed since you decided to quit, but it'll also tell you how much money you've saved over that time period. Being healthy may feel great. But being healthy and a little bit richer feels even greater. (Free)

Verdict: The Richard Branson of iPhone smoking apps.
'Since iQuit' (Free)

Coach Quit

Coach Quit App
No, 'Coach Quit' won't deploy a drill sergeant to your house to whip you into tip-top pulmonary shape, but it will keep tabs on your daily cigarette intake. Users are allotted a certain number of cigs per day, but that ration steadily decreases over time. Plus, whenever you feel an urge to puff, 'Coach Quit' makes you wait five minutes before indulging, allowing you some extra time to mull over whether or not you really want to kill yourself.

Verdict: Think of it as a personal trainer for your will power.

'Coach Quit' (Free)

My QuitLine

Nixing your nicotine habit may require waging war against your inner demons, but that doesn't mean you can't lean on others to help you through it. Designed by some of the most prominent cancer and tobacco cessation researchers in the country, 'My QuitlLine' puts users in direct contact with the National Cancer Institute's QuitLine service, where they can speak with real-life quit coaches. Or, if talking isn't really your thing, you can always use the app to chat with experts via SMS.

Verdict: Definitely will help you get by with a little help from your friends.
'My QuitLine' (Free)

Electric Smoke

Electric Smoke App

Now that you've decided to quit smoking, you're definitely gonna have a lot more free time on your hands (literally). Stress balls or tchotchkes would certainly help get over your tactile fixation, but if you miss the endorphin rush of inhaling carcinogens, this app might help you cope. With the help of sonic transmission technology, electric smokers can light up their digital cigarettes on their iPhone's screen, and (mildly) simulate what it actually feels like to smoke -- minus, of course, any cancerous side effects. Just be prepared to look sort of stupid.

Verdict: Would you rather look ridiculous and live an extra 25 years?
'Electric Smoke' ($1.99)

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