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Zynga's 'Mafia Wars: Las Vegas' Promotion in San Fran Results in Vandalism

mafia wars
Here at Switched, we try our best to refrain from taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. But, when said misfortune involves a game as odious as 'Mafia Wars,' we really can't help ourselves. This is Zynga, after all, the same game producer that unleashed the pestilence of 'FarmVille' upon the world -- and made untold millions in the process. Forgive us, then, if we couldn't hold back a smile when we found out that a company as "street savvy" as Zynga is now in legal hot water -- over alleged "sidewalk vandalism."

As SFWeekly reports, the San Francisco City Attorney's office is targeting Zynga as part of an investigation into what officials call an "illegal marketing" campaign. According to the city, the company is directly responsible for gluing fake $25,000 bills all over San Francisco's pristine sidewalks -- bills that directed pedestrians to a site promoting Zynga's latest so-called game, 'Mafia Wars: Las Vegas.'

"The City Attorney takes violations such as these very seriously, and intends to pursue every available cause of action aggressively against Zynga for these illegal marketing tactics," wrote Deputy City Attorney Alex Tse. The attorney went on to demand that Zynga "provide the City full information regarding the nature and extent of the marketing campaign affecting the public way in the City, identify all parties other than Zynga responsible for this campaign, and provide the City with a proposal to fully resolve the issue."

The crackdown comes at a pretty inconvenient time for Zynga, which recently pulled off a much more unnecessarily grandiose marketing stunt in Nevada, involving an exploding truck and, um, Snoop Dogg. At this point, it doesn't look like the company will face any serious punishment for its San Fran snafu, but, even if it did, we're pretty sure Zynga could find a way to grow a power attorney on one of its stupid farms, anyway.

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