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Scottish Researchers Want to Give Cars a Whiskey for the Road

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Raise a glass, and fill up your ride, too. Rightly so, the Scots (purveyors of some of the world's finest spirits) have found a way to power cars with leftover whiskey. According to the BBC News, researchers at Edinburgh Napier University used the delicious distilled drink's byproducts to create biobutanol, a fuel that's 30-percent more efficient than ethanol and can be put straight into a gas tank without any engine modifications. Each year, Scotland's whiskey industry throws away about 420 million gallons of pot ale (the liquid runoff found in copper stills), and 410 million pounds of draff (spent grains). The intrepid researchers decided to recycle these byproducts into an alternative fuel source that they hope to make available at the pumps. Best of all, your car -- unlike your body -- won't get a hangover after you get it sauced. [From: BBC News, via: Engadget]

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