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North Korea Reportedly Joins Facebook, webOS Tablet Coming in 2011

north korea on facebook
Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • North Korea, which seems to have finally bought into that whole World Wide Web fad, apparently just created a Facebook page to go along with its new YouTube and Twitter accounts. [From: Yahoo! News]
  • HP exec Todd Bradley reportedly confirmed the expected arrival date of the company's webOS tablet, when he announced during a recent earnings call that, "You'll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future and a webOS-based product in early 2011." [From: Engadget]
  • Social networking enables effortless, educational and enthralling communicative possibilities, until -- as is typically the case with the Internet -- some meddlesome and creepy bald guy totally ruins the experience. South Korea, after just one week, has already blocked access to North Korea's Twitter account, reportedly because its neighbor tweets "illegal information." [From: FOX News]
  • Britney Spears seized Ashton Kutcher's Twitter crown last May, but -- even with 5,646,028 current followers -- the one-time starlet is already in jeopardy of losing that hotly contested "most-followed" title. A rapidly ascending Lady Gaga lurks right behind Spears with approximately 10,000 fewer followers, although Justin Bieber could pass both within six months if he maintains his ridiculously rapid pace of 800,000 new followers a month. [From: Reuters]
  • With backing from various music industry organizations, D.C. policymakers are apparently considering a plan that would force cell phone manufacturers to equip all mobiles with FM radio capabilities. [From: USA Today]

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