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Priest Drives 'God Squad' Car Around Town, Best Buy Threatens to Sue

God Squad Car

Father Luke Strand thinks it is a great idea to drive around Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in a VW Beetle with stickers that look exactly like those on Best Buy's Geek Squad cars, except for one thing: his stickers read "God Squad." Best Buy didn't find this to be cute, but instead a violation of its trademark -- one that, by precedent, it couldn't treat any differently from any other violation. Therefore, Strand received a cease-and-desist letter, telling him that he could either cut it out or face legal action.

Strand has owned the car for two years, but the electronics retailer has just recently become aware of it. Strand's former colleague, Father Dan Janasik, told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "It's obviously not a Best Buy vehicle. When people see it, they usually laugh." While Best Buy will not stand for the trademark violation, it is reportedly helping Strand to create a new logo. [From: Journal Sentinel, via: PC Mag]

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