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Bank-Robbing German Teen E-mails Cops, Gets Himself Arrested

emailsA 19-year old bank robber in southern Germany was found out today when -- as is so often the case -- his pride got the best of him. After police and press had published reports of last week's robbery of a bank in the town of Roettingen, they received e-mails from an indignant thief, mocking the cops and reporters alike for inaccurately describing his height, age and accent. He also mentioned that he'd escaped in a car, and not by foot.

Of course, the police traced his e-mails, and, by the end of the day, had found him in a Hamburg casino. We're not sure what's dumber -- sending an e-mail to the people who are trying to arrest you, or "spending" all that money in a casino. [From: Reuters]

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