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Justin Bieber Sics Twitter Fans on Enemy by Posting His Number

Bieber Tweets Rival's Phone Number
Okay, so he's not exactly a violent mob boss, but the world has now learned a valuable lesson: don't cross Justin Bieber. While it's not quite breaking someone's legs, the floppy-haired, Segway-riding teen heartthrob decided to make one boy's life a living hell when he tweeted the kid's phone number to roughly 4.5 million followers.

Allegedly, Kevin Kristopik hacked the account of one of Bieber's close childhood friends. In response, the Biebs apparently took a page from M.I.A.'s play book and tweeted, "everyone call me 248-***-**** :) or text." Of course, the phone number was not his own but that of Kristopik, and Bieber's fans flooded Kristopik's phone with tens of thousands of texts and phone calls.

The tweet containing Kristopik's number was only up for a brief period of time, but Bieber's army of followers quickly passed it around the Web, essentially forcing the Detroit teen to ditch his phone. You can see a video below of Kristopik's device having seizures as it tries to handle the deluge of swooning teenage girls convinced they were calling or texting Justin. (We think Kristopik missed a golden opportunity here.) Let this be a lesson to all you heartthrob haters out there; The Biebs won't hesitate to rally his tween-filled troops. Don't underestimate the power of Twitter. [From: Gawker and Telegraph]

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