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Swedish Driver, Eluding Radar, Faces Up to $962K Ticket for Driving 180 MPH

a black mercedes benzBefore your author relocated to New York, he had incurred exactly one speeding ticket, for driving 80 mph in the express lane of a 65 mph highway. The California Highway Patrol officer involved -- who, your author feels it is important to point out, was no even-tempered Erik "Ponch" Estrada -- angrily, if not threateningly, berated him for the danger he posed to other drivers on the road. Without diminishing your writer's offense, we wonder what that CHiP might think of the Swedish leadfoot who was just caught driving 180 mph along a Swiss motorway.

Coasting down the road in his black, 570-horsepower Mercedes-Benz, the Swedish driver needed almost a half mile of road to slow his car to a full stop. Having possibly set the Swiss record for most flagrant speeding offense, the man faces a fine of up to a million Swiss francs, or $962,000. Swiss speeding fines are based on the severity of the offense and the offender's income level; MSNBC notes that a millionaire who plowed through a sleepy Swiss village at 60 mph in January received a $290,000 penalty.

Even more amazingly, our reckless driver was going so fast, standard police radars were unable to clock his clip, and couldn't register his 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride'-like jaunt. A high-speed traffic camera, though, finally captured his car en route. The real question here is what prompted the driver to so seriously flout the speed limit. A wife in labor? Fleeing the Swiss Mafia? Not really: "I think the speedo on the car, which is new, is faulty," he told police. [From: MSNBC]

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