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Gmail Saves the Universe in 'Galactic Inbox'

Galactic Inbox
Here's a cute little timewaster for Gmail fans: 'Galactic Inbox.' The premise is simple: You control a mighty winged Gmail envelope tasked with disposing an onslaught of baddies, including cans of what we presume are a major brand of luncheon meat. You blast your way until you meet the boss, a birdcage with spiked balls for arms holding other Gmail envelopes hostage. Your goal, obviously, is to destroy this message-hoarding meanie and free your little brother and sister envelopes. Impressively, the whole thing is coded in HTML5. For the best experience, it's highly recommended that you use either Google Chrome or the Firefox 4 beta, otherwise playing might be more like watching a slide show. [From: Gmail Blog and Monocubed]

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