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World's Largest Tidal Turbine Getting Anchored off Scotland's Chilly Coast

Giant tidal turbine will power 1,000 homes.

For island-dwellers, water is the most readily available natural resource, which is why a Scottish energy company sees fit to install a gigantic tidal turbine off its coast. According to BBC News, Atlantis Resources recently unveiled its AK-1000 turbine, which stands 73-feet tall, weighs 130 tons, and can generate enough electricity to power 1,000 homes. The 1-megawatt turbine has two giant propellers, which each measure about 60-feet across and rotate at a sluggish six-to-eight revolutions per-minute. That means the blades won't turn marine life into sushi as they spin. The chilly north Atlantic Ocean is an unforgiving place, and Atlantis chief executive Tim Cornelius told the BBC that he believes his company has "the dumbest, simple but most robust turbine you could possibly put in such a harsh environment." [From: BBC News, via: Treehugger and Ubergizmo]

Atlantis AK-1000 Turbine

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