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Japan Introduces Gadget Dryer For Soggy Phones, Clumsy Bloggers Rejoice

Gadget Dryer

We've all lost a high-tech gadget or two to that most low-tech of the natural elements: water. (Or, in the recent case of this writer's laptop, coffee.) Always miles ahead of us stateside folk, who have alternately used hair dryers and bowls of quick rice to dry out our devices, the Japanese have implemented the Dryer Box, a sort of clothes dryer for drowned gadgets.

The copy-machine-sized boxes have found homes in several of Tokyo's Yodobashi Camera retail outlets, and promise that, if they don't resurrect, they don't collect. If your phone is among the lucky ones (which will have to do with whether or not the electronics have shorted), you'll owe 1,000 yen (around $12). And that, dear readers, is a small price to pay when you can avoid telling your friends that you totally forgot your phone was in your pocket when you jumped in the lake. [From: Dryer Box and Wired]

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