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Delta Booking Flights Through Facebook, iPhone App Coming Soon

Delta Ticket WindowStarting today, you'll be able tag where you've been (or where you will be going), update your friends on your travel plans, and actually purchase your tickets all in the same place -- as long as you plan to fly Delta. The airline has opened an online Ticket Window, which lets customers purchase tickets through Facebook. Delta is the first airline to offer such a service through the social network, which is shocking since the larger airlines have been slower to adopt social marketing tools than have budget-oriented competitors like Southwest and JetBlue.

Delta will be making other improvements to its digital presence. The airline will launch a revamped website, and expand the Ticket Window widget to other sites -- namely by embedding it in banner ads, thus allowing you to book flights without interrupting your browsing experience. Most interesting, though, is the planned release of an iPhone app that will let customers check in, track their flight status and even use the app as an electronic boarding pass. The idea of never again having to fight with an airport kiosk or an employee at the check-in counter is certainly enough to catch our attention. [From: Huffington Post]

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