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Aug 13th, 2010


How to Hide from Your Fake Facebook Friends, Google Chrome 6 Out

There's a load of great tech news happening out there every day, and, unfortunately, we just can't cover it all. Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web. The New York Times offers a detailed tutorial on how to hide from... Read more »

Retro Arcade Museum Shut Down Over Arcane Anti-Pinball Law

Just a few dozen miles north of the Switched headquarters, in Beacon, New York, lies the Retro Arcade Museum, a storefront on the corner of Main and Schenk Streets loaded with the sorts of vintage arcade goodies that would make even the most steel-willed nerd weep. But an archaic law, one that is m... Read more »

Japanese Robotic Wheelchair Automatically Follows You Around

Strolling around with your wheelchair-bound loved ones might one day be a whole lot less stressful, thanks to a new robotic wheelchair created in Japan. Designed by researchers at Saitama University's Human-Robot Interaction Center, the wheelchair uses distance sensors and built-in cameras to keep ... Read more »

World's Largest Tidal Turbine Getting Anchored off Scotland's Chilly Coast

For island-dwellers, water is the most readily available natural resource, which is why a Scottish energy company sees fit to install a gigantic tidal turbine off its coast. According to BBC News, Atlantis Resources recently unveiled its AK-1000 turbine, which stands 73-feet tall, weighs 130 tons... Read more »

Gresso's $1 Million Cell Phone Has Diamonds But No Apps

The luxury feature phone market is one that we'll truly never understand. It seems to us that slapping diamonds and gold on phones still stuck in 2004 is a waste of both money and raw materials. But our smug attitude isn't enough to stop companies like Gresso from pushing these suckers, adorned wit... Read more »

E Ink Begins to Sample Capacitive, Color E-Readers

It appears that color E Ink readers aren't as far from being commercially available as most have thought. E Ink Holdings (formally PVI), the group responsible for the screens housed in Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Readers, is leading the way by offering samples of its color panels to manufacturers. I... Read more »

Spammers Paying Pennies to CAPTCHA Crackers in Far Away Lands

A few months ago, we told you about a growing wave of spammers who had begun outsourcing their CAPTCHA-solving duties to low-wage workers in developing countries. Now, a recently published study from UC San Diego has revealed just how insidious and exploitative this underground market really is. In ... Read more »

The Week in Design: A Dumb Car and a Smart TV

The Web is teeming with the unrealized ideas of both students and established designers who set out to produce astonishing renderings and prototypes for unusual products. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, money, or technology, many of those products never progress from the planning stages t... Read more »

Starbucks Launches Its Free 'Digital Network,' Still Forces Us to Say 'Venti'

Yuppies in expensive suits and college kids who pretend to study rejoiced last month when Starbucks rolled out free Wi-Fi for its caffeinated legion of customers. But keeping them in the store so they'll buy overpriced coffee and Norah Jones CDs wasn't enough. According to Mashable, Starbucks wil... Read more »

Protest Groups Converge on Google, Microsoft Sets IE9 Beta Release Date

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines.... Free Press plans to lead an army of allied organizations, including, Civic Action,, Credo Action and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, in a Net neutrality protest today at Google's Mission View... Read more »

Nick Newcomen's GPS Writing Tells World to 'Read Ayn Rand'

Share Nick Newcomen had something to get off his chest, so he decided to write it across the continental U.S. Literally. With the help of a Qstarz BT-Q1000X GPS logging device and seemingly endless amounts of spare time, Newcomen spent a full month driving across 30 states, along a route he'd car... Read more »

Symantec Says 92-Percent of All E-mail is Spam, Phishing Attacks Declining

The amount of spam sent across the world may be growing, but global phishing attacks, at least, seem to be diminishing in number. According to a new report from Symantec, 92-percent of all e-mails sent across the Web today consist of spam, up from 89-percent one year ago. Also, as times have changed... Read more »

OMG! There's a Dead Girl on Google Street View! (Nope, Just Kidding)

In an innocent hoax that tickles our schadenfreude bone (we think it's located somewhere near the patella?), a cherubic and awesomely named Azura Beebeejaun -- aged 10, and of Worcester, England -- lay face-down in the gutter. Azura cast her shoes aside for effect, and, naturally, a Google Street ... Read more »

Two Million Lights Illuminate Mecca's New Clock, Puts Big Ben to Shame

Maybe you heard the (literally) big news yesterday that Mecca, the Islamic holy city in Saudi Arabia, has built a clock that will rival Greenwich's classically Euro-imperialist time standard. Putting aside our nation's ad nauseum demagoguery against the 1.57-billion-strong, worldwide faith of Isl... Read more »

Japan Introduces Gadget Dryer For Soggy Phones, Clumsy Bloggers Rejoice

We've all lost a high-tech gadget or two to that most low-tech of the natural elements: water. (Or, in the recent case of this writer's laptop, coffee.) Always miles ahead of us stateside folk, who have alternately used hair dryers and bowls of quick rice to dry out our devices, the Japanese have... Read more »

Delta Booking Flights Through Facebook, iPhone App Coming Soon

Starting today, you'll be able tag where you've been (or where you will be going), update your friends on your travel plans, and actually purchase your tickets all in the same place -- as long as you plan to fly Delta. The airline has opened an online Ticket Window, which lets customers purchase tic... Read more »