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Having Issues With Hotmail? Microsoft Suggests Chrome

Chrome and Hotmail
Microsoft's new version of Hotmail, now officially called Windows Live Hotmail, finally landed for the service's 350 million users last week. And since that time, customers have been complaining of a number of problems, including an excruciatingly slow response to input, scripting errors, browser crashes and even being completely locked out of their accounts. It's not clear exactly what the underlying issue is, but at least some of problem lies with people using older browsers, we suspect. We tested the new Hotmail in Internet Explorer 8, in Firefox 3.6 and in both the stable and dev channels of Chrome, and encountered no trouble. Still, Microsoft seems willing to concede that there is some problem with the service, and its solution is a surprising one: use Chrome.

Okay, so Microsoft didn't send out a blast e-mail to all customers telling them that specifically, but a post from the company on the Hotmail forums reads: "Some customers have indicated that if they use Google Chrome to view their Hotmail account they no longer encounter this problem." Sure, it's not the most enthusiastic endorsement, but the message seems pretty clear: If you're having problems, try Chrome and see what happens. We should note, though, that plenty are reporting the same issues when using Chrome. Another solution would be for Microsoft to allow users to temporarily switch back to the old Hotmail while the company works on the problem, but that does not appear to be likely.

An update from the Hotmail team today says a fix is in the works and will be deployed by the end of the week. Till then, make sure your browser of choice is up to date, or try Chrome. Alternatively, if you're really set on sticking with Firefox or Internet Explorer (which seem to be suffering the most problems), Microsoft suggests trying Live Mail or the mobile version of Hotmail. [From: The Register, via: The Next Web and]

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