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'Digi-Bike,' A Darling Contraption to Help Stop Brit Crime

digi-bikeThe town of Dudley in West Midlands, England has just deployed a crime-fighting vehicle that's more cute than it is fearsome. According to the BBC, after a "slight increase" in the number of robberies since April, the Dudley Bobbies decided that a pedal-powered contraption in the shape of a giant, sideways apostrophe would help make civilians more protective of their valuables. The 'Digi-Bike,' as it's called, plays videos on either side of its broad exterior, showing surveillance footage of nasty old hoodies filching a bit from strangers' cars.

The bike will also send out messages via Bluetooth to passersby, encouraging them to register their cell phones with the police so that, if stolen, they can be more easily tracked down. What an adorable crime-fighting strategy! Here in New York, we just shoot people. Check out the non-lethal bike in a video here. [From: BBC]

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